How I Got Started

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Welcome!! My name is Morgan and I'm a stay at home mom to my 10 month old son, Hendrix. Yes, his name was inspired by Jimi Hendrix. I live in sunny south Florida with my husband who I met in college and our chihuahua Haze.

When I was pregnant I immediately knew I was not going to feed my son store bought baby food. Before having him I was a nanny for numerous families with babies. The horrible smell, texture and color of the baby food always stuck in my head. One of the first things on our registry was a Baby Bullet and Turbo Steamer.

Fast forward 9 months later, Hendrix was 6 months old and it was finally time to pull the Baby Bullet and Turbo Steamer out of the boxes. It was time to get cooking for Hendrix! I couldn't have been more excited! Some of the first purées I made were sweet potato, butternut squash, avocado, banana, and applesauce. He loved each and every one of them.

It wasn't until Hendrix was 7 months old that I found out about baby led weaning. In the states it is not a big thing, even my pediatrician hadn't heard of it! Before starting I didn't buy any books but did a lot of online research. I decided that a non strict version of baby led weaning is what would best suit our family. And that's when the real fun began!