How We Handle The Mess

Thursday, March 19, 2015

When starting baby led weaning I was so nervous about the mess. I'm anal retentive and enjoy a nice clean space. Once Hendrix started moving I realized I was going to have to have patience because he's a boy, an active one at that, and my life/space would never truly be neat again! 

I went to the dollar store and picked up a pack of washcloths and a shower curtain. The washcloths make it easier to clean up instead of wasting 1,000 paper towels while trying to scrub clean bolognese sauce from every crevice of him. I cut the shower curtain in half in order to get more bang for my buck. Yes we have a dog but he isn't good at licking juice from berries stained into the carpet. The shower curtain will prevent the floor mess.

Sometimes I will keep him in his clothes, but if Hendrix is having a messy meal or we are going somewhere after eating I simply let him eat in just a diaper and bib. The bibs we have are Tommee Tippee that I picked up from Target. They are the greatest invention. When he has no more food on his tray he reaches down into his bib and finds food he had dropped. To him it's like finding another meal! Gross to some, but it works for him!