How We Sleep Through The Night

Sunday, March 22, 2015

When I was pregnant everyone always said to me, "Sleep now because you never will again!" I definitely rested a lot, took plenty of naps and always went to sleep early. Having watched many kids before having my own, I saw first hand how little sleep some of these kids were getting, waking all through the night even as 2, 3 and 4 year olds. I refused to fall into the patterns of so many and stick to a routine from the get go. No I'm not trying to brag, I am sure once this boy starts getting more teeth (he only has 2) his sleeping will be interrupted. I want to give a little insight on what worked with our family.

* I made sure to register for a video monitor to give myself peace of mind, so I could see every movement that he was making. Many companies make them nowadays and at reasonable prices too.

* From 3 weeks we've had a bedtime routine. Books, bath, bottle. 

* The first 4 weeks Hendrix was home I let him sleep anywhere. Whether it was in his 4moms mamaroo, my chest, the couch. I couldn't put him down, he was too precious! Once he was 6 weeks I only allowed naps to be in his crib or bassinet, no more swing sleeping.  

* For the first 6 weeks of life, at night he slept in our room in a Fisher Price bassinet that was flat. 

* With many interruptions from his coos and newborn sounds, it was hard for us all to sleep. At 6 weeks (yes I know he's still so little), we tried letting him sleep in the crib in his room.

* First night he slept 6 hours straight! We all slept better! Mainly one of the reasons I wanted him napping in his crib was to get used to his space. 

* At 6 weeks I introduced the pacifier, I don't know why, seemed like he was unsettled and wanted to suck on something. He still enjoys it but is not dependent on it nor cries when you take it away. 

* One night when he was 8 weeks, he awoke at 3am and I gave him his pacifier instead of a bottle. He slept the rest of the night and has ever since.

* If he does wake in the night, I wait to make sure he's not just fussing to find a new spot. If I go into his room, I do not say anything, do not pick him up, simply reposition him and hand him his bear.

* We recently dropped his 3pm bottle and are going to slowly tramsition to organic cows milk in a sippy cup these next 2 months.

Our schedule now @ 10 months
7am Wakes/has 7 ounce bottle
7:30am Breakfast
10am Nap
11:30am Wakes
Noon 6 ounce bottle
12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Nap
3:30pm Wakes/Snack/Infused water or smoothie
5:30pm Dinner
7:00pm Books/Bath/6 ounce bottle
7:30pm Asleep until morning