Jelly Alternatives

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Every morning when I was young my mother would ask me what I wanted packed in my lunchbox. My #1 food to chose was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Now that Hendrix is closer to 1 I've offered him peanut and almond butter. He's in love, as expected!

Since I've grown to not be the biggest fan of jelly I didn't want to buy a jar for it to just go bad. I wanted to find quick, easy alternatives to sweeten his peanut butter sandwiches! Today I made Hendrix a strawberry purée and almond butter sandwich which he quickly devoured.

Strawberry Purée 
2 strawberries (wash/chop)
Blend strawberries and enjoy!

Peach Purée 
1 small peach
Peel and chop
Steam or simmer in very little water.
Blend and enjoy! 
If your peach is very ripe, you can skip the steaming and simply blend it.

Blueberry Purée 
Handful of blueberries (washed)
Blend and enjoy! 

These simple purées have allowed me to make just enough "jelly" for a sandwich or two. Easy and quick, just what's needed when you've got a hungry baby playing at your feet!