How We Tame Kid Clutter

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hendrix is the first great grandkid, grandkid, and nephew to our 3 siblings. With that comes lots of clothes and toys! Thankful but our house is starting to burst at the seams. I can't imagine when he turns 1 and the toys and clothes start getting bigger!

The idea of being clutter free sounds nice to so many though they think they cannot achieve it. It can be difficult to stay organized with little ones tearing through your home at all times. The key is to stay organized from the beginning so that "cleanup time" is quick and painless. As an anal retentive I find it uneasy having my house in shambles. Yes when Hendrix is awake my house is definitely out of sorts but once nap time or bedtime comes around it takes 2 minutes to put his toys away in their rightful places, and the house is back to "normal." Here's a few tips on how we stay organized.

1) Clothes: Once baby grows out of clothes pack them away or donate. I plan on having another kid, plus we have siblings who have yet to have kids so I clean, fold and pack away everything Hendrix grows out of. If you are done having kids, donate! There are so many babies in need of gently worn clothing.

** Hendrix has 8 dresser drawers. Right now they are organized by size: 6-12/12-18 clothes, 18-24 clothes, 2T and up clothes, bibs/burp cloths/socks, blankets, wipes/extra diapers. Having his clothes organized by size allows me to know what's fitting at that time. Once he grows out of something it goes into the bin listed for that size and into the storage closet.

2) Toys: I have 5 baskets/bins of toys. When Hendrix is napping or sleeping for the night I simply put all of his toys into these baskets. Hendrix has this teepee we bought him from Pottery Barn Kids for Christmas. It's definitely my favorite purchase thus far. He can use it for years! It keeps toys that are too big for baskets in one area. In the next few months I plan to add a mini table/chair set and his framed artwork. 

** I've had my eyes on these baskets lately. Having a chalkboard bin will allow us to see what exactly is in each basket. As he starts to transition to older age appropriate toys, the tiny baby toys will be added to the age appropriate tupperware container and put into the closet. Makes no sense for a 2 year old to be chewing on teething rings or shaking a rattle! 

3)  Books: Having a bookcase allows kids to easily pick out their favorite books. Kids are more likely to read or flip through books if they are accessible.

4) Art supplies can be organized in baskets or large tupperware. Right now ours is in a basket but as we gain more items, we will definitely be making the transition to tupperware drawers.