Bath Time with Nûby!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The first month of having Hendrix he hated bath time. The older he got the more he grew to love it. Now he cries when I try to take him out of the tub if he hasn't been in for at least 15 minutes. The one thing that has remained a constant dislike is having his head/face drenched with water. If he sees me filling up a bucket to wash the shampoo from his hair, he freaks out. He crawls quickly in the opposite direction, avoiding me at all costs. When Nûby sent their Tear-Free Rinse Pail, it was an ah-ha moment.

The thought of being able to rinse the suds from his hair without it pouring down to his face excited me! Nûbys Tear-Free Rinse Pail has a tear free comfort edge that conforms to your child's forehead. You simply fill the pail, press against their forehead to create the perfect seal which prevents water from rinsing down into their eyes. The Tear-Free Rinse Pail is also BPA free which is one of the main characteristics I look for when picking out products to use in our household. This pail was a great addition to bath time. Hendrix no longer bolts when he knows it's time to rinse the shampoo from his hair. Nor does he act like I'm drowning him as the shampoos being rinsed away. 

The Nûby Splish Splash Bath Time Stacking Cups are definitely one of Hendrix favorites. We've used them in the tub, playing with his water table and plan on bringing them to the beach this weekend. They help teach coordination and development. We are currently in the process of learning the size order of how to stack them properly. We highly recommend these cups. They are versatile and provide endless fun!

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The Nûby Splish Splash Bath Time Stacking Cups can be found at:

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