Bottles, no more!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Before Hendrix turns 1 I wanted to make sure that he was no longer drinking from bottles. I was a nanny before having Hendrix and saw first hand how many parents struggled with dropping bottles. Babies don't know any better, so I figured it was time to go ahead and try now. When Hendrix turned 10 months I made sure to make it a point over the next two months to completely quit bottles.

* At 10 months I dropped his 3pm bottle. I literally just didn't give it to him one day. He was perfectly fine. I replaced that 3pm bottle with a fruit/veggie smoothie or snack and infused water.
* I let him get used to not having his afternoon bottle for 2 weeks before I made anymore changes.
* For those 2 weeks he had his normal 7:30am (7ounces), Noon (6 ounces) and 7:30pm (6 ounces) bottles.

Next up was moving up his bedtime bottle and quitting bottles all together.

* When Hendrix turned 10.5 months I figured it was a good time to move up his bedtime bottle. After getting some advice from other moms on Instagram, I wanted to give it a try. One day I simply didn't offer his bedtime bottle. Instead I gave him his 6 ounces of formula in a sippy cup at dinner.
* He did so well with a dinner sippy cup that the next day I gave him formula in sippy cups instead of bottles. 

His feeding schedule now: 
7:30am 7 ounces with breakfast 
Noon 6 ounces with lunch
3:30pm infused water and snack or smoothie
5:45pm 6 ounces with dinner

The day he turns 11 months we are going to start the transition to organic whole milk. I want to use the whole month so it doesn't shock his system. Since he was 7 months I've been using organic whole milk and whole milk yogurt in cooking. After we fully make the transition, I will write a post on what worked for us.