Sensory Play- Busy Board

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

For this weeks sensory play, I focused on sound, sight and touch. I wanted to make something that Hendrix could play with longer then a half hour and have to toss it in the garbage. We got so messy last week that I wanted to try and keep it relatively clean this week. With all of the great Pinterest ideas, I came up with a sensory board.

* Foam board
* HENDRIX made out of burlap. I found them precut like this and simply glued them on.
* I poked holes and tied a chain on with a rope. He always plays with my necklaces so I thought this would be great! 
* Glued on some googly eyes. They make a popping sound when you press down on them.
* In the ziplock: added clear soap and food coloring. (Only filled maybe 1/5 of the bag) Taped it down with zigzag duct tape.
* Glued on some greenish felt and 2 feathers.
* Added sticky glittery stars.
* Poked a hole, added rope and tied it in knots. I did this because he loves shoelaces!
* Fed some of that same rope through holes I made in the board. Only tied 2 knots on the end so he can pull the rope and the hoops get longer and shorter. 

Hendrix had a lot of fun playing with this board. It's great for all ages! There are so many different things you can add to a sensory board, get creative! I left this board in his play area and he has gone back to play with it numerous times. I spent maybe $12 on everything. I can add all of the leftovers to our craft box for future projects! I also only spent from organizing till finishing maybe 40 minutes on it. Time well spent!