Sensory Play- Nature

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Children open their eyes to nature by exploring their surroundings. Long before there were sensory bins and bottles, children discovered the natural world. It has been raining a lot lately in Florida so our outside time has been limited to running to the car, trying not to get drenched. It is a little damp outside still but I figured that would make it that much more fun.

Now that Hendrix is stumbling around like a little drunk old man, I figured what better time to get outside and explore a bit. This weeks Sensory Play Wednesday activity is discovering nature. 

I want Hendrix to play with dirt, step in puddles, pull leaves from bushes, all things that allow him to fully discover his surroundings. He only tried putting dirt into his mouth 1 time! 

Thank goodness we recently bought hard soled shoes because these shoes are done! Now that he's walking more, he has torn right through them.

Hendrix favorite part was by far the grass. He loves the feeling of it and pulling it out. Whenever we walk the dog, Hendrix sits in his stroller. I figured he could push his own stroller this time while we walked Haze. He loved it!

I truly cannot believe this guy is going to be 1 in two and a half weeks! His walking is slowly getting better and he is staying up for longer periods of time. He does still love to crawl because he can move so quickly, especially when chasing the dog!