Formula, no more!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hendrix will be one on May 15th so I wanted to transition him to cows milk by his birthday. I'm very lucky this guy has been so easy when it comes to food and drinks. I figured the best way to transition him was to do it slowly so that I allowed his body and himself to get used to the milk. I chose to go with whole milk. 

Some other milk options:
Coconut Milk
Almond Milk (unsweetened)
Hemp Milk
Rice Milk

There are even more types of milk out there. I give Hendrix whole milk to drink with meals but use unsweetened almond milk for his smoothies. I started transitioning Hendrix the day he turned 11 months. He's been drinking 5 ounces of formula in a sippy cup since he was 10.5 months. I give Hendrix milk with every meal and water or smoothies throughout the day.

How we transitioned:
4 ounces formula 1 ounce whole milk for 5 days
3 ounces formula 2 ounces whole milk for 5 days
2 ounces formula 3 ounces whole milk for 5 days
1 ounce formula 4 ounces whole milk for 5 days
5 ounces whole milk

Hendrix has never had a problem with constipation. Not until I got to the full 5 ounces of whole milk did he start having issues. A few things that worked for us were dried prunes and diluted prune juice (1/4 prune juice, 3/4 water). Another mom on Instagram recommended trying roasted beets. Haven't tried them yet but will once I'm able to go to the market to get some beets.