IKEA Duktig Kitchen Hack

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hendrix 1st birthday is on Friday! I always prefer to have Hendrix play with wooden toys. Using your imagination is the best form of play and the toys last longer. Not having every plastic noise toy blaring throughout the house is also a bonus! Knowing that family will most likely give Hendrix a plastic, noisy toy for his birthday we make it a point to personally buy wooden toys. Play kitchens encourage role play allowing kids to imitate adults.

I searched high and low for the perfect play kitchen that was gender neutral and not plastic. He may only be turning 1, but Hendrix LOVES opening and closing the cabinets in the kitchen. He's definitely ready for his own play kitchen with pots and pans. After finding so many kitchens for $150-300, I remembered to check IKEA. Searched their website and there it was! For $79.99 the Dukitg play kitchen is wood and white. The height of the legs can be adjusted to 3 positions and I can personalize it.

The kitchen is made from birch plywood which allows you to paint it. I took the legs off so it was easier for Hendrix to use. As he grows I will add them to adjust the height. 

What I used:
Contact paper (granite) from Home Depot
Kyrlon gold metallic spray paint
Krylon primer spray paint

I wanted to get this done quickly as his birthday party is approaching. I spray painted the handles, kitchen sink and faucet gold metallic. I sanded them first which gave them this antiquey look once spray painted. The contact paper has an adhesive backing which is easily peeled and placed on the countertop. I used a credit card to get out any air bubbles and cut out the space for the sink and stovetop with scissors. Easiest DIY project I've done in a while. 

IKEA has many kitchen toys you can buy to go with the Duktig kitchen. Our IKEA only had the 5-piece cookware set for $9.99 so we got that. Hendrix got an egg carton with squeaking eggs from his Nonna for Easter so that is in there as well. I also added a few plastic Tupperware pieces, cleaned out container from one of his snacks, Munchkin spoons and cups. I know he is simply going to love it!