Our Favorite Straw Sippy Cup

Friday, May 15, 2015

When Hendrix turned 4 months our pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start with oatmeal and simple purées. With that comes the introduction of water. I only offered an ounce per day, at meal time. There were so many cups to choose from. I ran to Target and bought a few kinds including a straw cup. Hendrix was terrible at drinking from the straw cup. I gave it to him so many different times but he just didn't understand the concept. 

Fast forward 6 months later and I was accepted to the Nûby parent blogger group. Of course I immediately chose the No-Spill Designer Series Flip-it straw cup. I wanted Hendrix to get the hang of a straw cup before he turned a year old. I offered Hendrix the cup and he immediately knew how to suck liquid through the straw. He would get a couple sips then get frustrated and not want anymore. After a week of trying, he finally started drinking all of his milk from the cup! The great thing about this sippy cup is that the straw runs to the base of the cup which encourages Hendrix to hold the cup upright opposed to tilting it like he has been with other sippy cups. 

It's perfect for on the go drinking cause the flip top keeps the straw clean. Simply close the top and throw the cup in our diaper bag with no surprise spills! Just like the rest of Nûby's products, this cup is BPA free which is very important to our family. The cup is recommended for 12 months but we started using it at 10 months and Hendrix quickly caught on with how to use it. The Nûby No-Spill Designer Series Flip-it cup was definitely the perfect introductory straw cup for our family. 

This cup is available at Walmart.

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