Sensory Play- Tugging Box

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sensory Play is an important activity for young children because it stimulates the five senses. Once a week I make it a point to create a sensory play activity for my son. Whether it's as easy as letting him play with different textured foods or actually crafting an activity. Sensory play doesn't have to be difficult.

An easy sensory play project is a tugging box. A tugging box helps your child work on their fine motor skills and begin to understand cause and effect. Simply gather a clean box, ropes, ribbon, pipe cleaners and a pencil.

* Using a pencil poke holes into the box in pairs, as many as you'd like. 
* Cut ribbon, rope and elastics in various sizes.
* Tie a knot at the end of the ribbon, pull through a hole in the box.
* Pick another hole in the box and weave the same ribbon through, tying a knot at the end.
* Do this until you run out of holes.
* Once finished, you can either tape the box shut or leave it open.