Bath Time Fun!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

H-E-N-D-R-I-X is this little guys name and we are absolutely obsessed with these Nûby Bath Letters and Numbers. I underestimated how much fun they were going to be and thought Hendrix may be too young to enjoy them. Boy was I wrong. He may not be able to spell out words but he enjoys when I do. At 12 months he knows about 6 words, I will put them on the wall and we will say them over and over again. I love the way they stick to the wall when wet and float in the water which makes it easy to find the letter or numbers you need to create what you want. In the pack you get 26 letters and 10 letters which allow you to spell out many words. 

Another Nûby bath toy we've been using recently is the Sea Scooper Bath Toy Scooper. It is the perfect toy to gather all of our bath time toys when we are done bathing. The holes in the bottom of the whale allow the excess water to drip out causing toys to dry quickly and easily. It's an interactive toy that promotes making clean up time fun. Definitely a win in my book. 

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