Re-Play Review

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I was cleaning and organizing our cabinets this week and came across all of our Re-Play products. Many people who follow me know about my love affair with this companies products, so I figured it was the perfect time to do a product review. Ever since I got an Amazon prime account I spend lots of time searching for things I don't need but definitely want! One day I started looking through the plates section for kids. There were so many choices and brands.

I decided I wanted divided plates which narrowed down the choices. I came across this brand, Re-Play. They immediately stuck out. Their products were made from recycled milk jugs and BPA free. I knew I had to have them! I immediately ordered a 3-pack of plates with matching utensils.

2 days later these plates and utensils arrived at my house. Dishwasher safe, awesome colors and affordable! My love affair with them has not stopped. I picked up another pack of plates from Walmart, and even won one of their unreleased, new colors from a giveaway on their Instagram. @replayrecycled

I've also bought many products from their website. After placing my order on their website I was immediately sent a confirmation email and 2 hours later my items were shipped! Talk about quick turnaround. We officially have 7 plate colors with matching utensils, 8 sippy cups, 1 cup, 1 bowl and 2 snack stack sets. In the next few months I want to order more bowls, cups and snack stacks to complete our sets. 

Their sippy cups truly are no spill. Many companies advertise as having no spill cups but this is definitely the first cup that lives up to it. In our house you will always find a cup full of infused water just laying on the floor where Hendrix left it. Best part is when I pick the cup up, there is no puddle of water. Many times I've thrown sippy cups into my diaper bag not even thinking about it. One hour later theres water dripping from the bottom of the bag and everything inside is soaked! With these sippy cups I'm able to toss it in and not think twice about it. I love this company, how they are helping the planet by using recycled products, the easiness of using/cleaning their products and their great customer service. We are a satisfied Re-play family and highly recommend you becoming one too.

I have no affiliation with this company. I simply love their products! 

You can find them at: