Uppababy Cruz Review

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When I found out I was pregnant, one of the main things I looked forward to buying was a stroller. After having a recall on the stroller I registered for, I realized we should go pick out the perfect one for us and buy it ourselves. Hello, push present! I've always lived by the saying, "you get what you pay for." My husband, not so much. 

I spent so much time looking at strollers online. One day, while 7 months pregnant, I convinced my husband that we needed to drive 40 minutes to the closest Buy Buy Baby. Oh to be pregnant again. He did whatever I wanted without saying a word! Little did he know I went to Buy Buy Baby specifically to check out these 3 strollers from 3 different brands that I had my eye on. Uppababy was on that short list.

After checking out the 3 strollers in person, my husband having complete sticker shock, the Uppababy Cruz was the stroller we agreed on. Some of the reasons we chose it:
* Colors besides black
* Front and rear facing toddler seat
* Extra large easy access basket
* Super easy one step fold
* Included bug and rain shield 
* Pull up to table when dining out and use as high chair

We had a Chicco infant car seat which required us to purchase the compatible adapters. This way the car seat was able to snap right onto the stroller. Another great feature is when the toddler seat is rear facing and fully reclined, newborns are able to ride comfortably.

This stroller is quite durable. I use it everyday and have flown to Minnesota, Missouri and Georgia, gate checking this stroller each time. As Hendrix gets older I've had my eye on the Uppababy G-Luxe and G-Lite for when a lightweight stroller is needed.

About a month ago, the lock which kept the stroller together while collapsed, broke off. I contacted Uppababy through email and they quickly rectified the situation by sending me a new stroller frame. Great product and great customer service. I recommend this brand and particularly this stroller very highly.

Parent Tip: Always remember to register your baby products when you purchase them so that if you have a problem it can be fixed. 

The Uppababy Cruz can be found at: