Transition To One Nap

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Two naps per day, how much I miss thee! Hendrix has always been a great sleeper. He seems to love sleep just like my husband. Since the beginning of July he has seemed less interested in his afternoon nap. Morning nap (10:30am) is a breeze, I put him in his bed and he's asleep within 5 minutes. That afternoon nap (2:00pm) however, isn't so easy. He doesn't cry but he just talks and talks and talks for about 45 minutes until he falls asleep.

A few weeks ago I realized it was time to combine and shorten his naps. I figured a good time to have his 1 nap per day was between 12:30 and 1 pm. That way we would have plenty of time to do play dates and errands in the morning. I decided to combine Hendrix naps opposed to dropping the afternoon nap like it seemed he wanted to do. I also make it a point to leave the house in the mornings or Hendrix gets restless and cranky around his old morning nap time.

In a few short months Hendrix will be going to preschool/daycare and they normally take an afternoon after lunch nap. I don't want to rock his world too much, I think adjusting to school will be enough. I don't need to adjust his nap schedule during that time as well. We also have trips to Missouri and North Carolina in August so I wanted to have this new napping schedule worked out before. This new nap schedule has worked great so far. 

Our Schedule at 14.5 months
7am                       Wake Up
7:30am                  Breakfast with a sippy cup of milk
8:00/11:00             Errands, play group, pool, splash park
11:30am/noon       Lunch with a sippy cup of milk
12:30/1:00pm        Nap
2:30pm/ 3:00pm   Wake Up
3:30pm                  Snack & Water or Smoothie
4:00pm                  Park, pool, read, sensory activity 
5:00pm                  Play/watch 1 episode of Mickey Mouse while mama cooks dinner
6:00pm                  Dinner with a sippy cup of milk
7:00pm                  Bath/Books
7:30pm                  Bedtime

During this one nap per day transition we also dropped wearing a sleep sack. Recently I've found Hendrix in the mornings halfway out of them, which I felt was a safety issue. However I highly recommend these Aden & Anais sleep sacks if your child hasn't figured out how to use zippers. They are lightweight and super soft. You can find these sleep sacks on Amazon or Hendrix now sleeps with an Aden & Anais muslin blanket. You can find his blankets on Amazon. Our next transition is dropping his nap time/bedtime binkys (pacifiers)! Wish us luck!