So Long Binky!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Before Hendrix was born, my husband and I decided we were not going to him a binky (pacifier). At 6 weeks he seemed very fussy and unsettled unless something was in his mouth. I caved and went out to buy a few MAM binkys. He took to them so quickly and was quite content. I believe that giving Hendrix a binky contributed to him sleeping through the night at 8 weeks. I'd consider that a win for my husband and myself.

A few different ways you can go about it:
1. Throw them all away
*Make the decision one day to get rid of them and do not look back!

2. Cut the tips off
*Cut a small piece off of the binky tip and every few days cut off more. Eventually hopefully they will not want to use it anymore. (Lots of people recommended this to me but I was nervous of him biting pieces off and swallowing them).

3. Binky fairy
*For older kids, one night put their binky under their pillow or in the mailbox and when they awake in the morning a special little treat should take its place. Kind of like the tooth fairy.

4. Replace with blanket or teddy bear
*Simultaneously take away the binky and introduce a new blanket or teddy bear to nap/bedtime to hopefully make few transition easier.

I knew that before Hendrix was 2 I wanted to get rid of any usage of a binky. Once Hendrix turned 12 months he was only allowed to have a binky at nap time, bedtime and terrible teething days. This allowed he transition to completely getting rid of it so much easier.

When I went to Hendrix 15 month check up at the doctors he said it was time to get rid of them completely. Not surprised but I still was completely shocked that my baby was at that stage to get rid of them! Two days later in the midst of 3 molars and 2 canines coming we bit the bullet and threw them all away. I figured with all of the new teeth coming in and our impending move to North Carolina, it was the perfect time.

Night 1- cried for about 10 minutes before falling asleep.
Nap 1- cried for about 10 minutes before falling asleep.
Night 2- cried for about 5 minutes before falling asleep.
Nap 2- cried for about 1 minute before falling asleep.
Nights 3-6 he cried for about 2 minutes if that before settling, talking and falling asleep.
Naps 3-6 he cried for about a minute before settling, talking and falling asleep.

I felt so bad taking it away but I didn't want him talking through them or messing up the growth of his new teeth. Its been about 3-4 weeks since Hendrix has used a binky and he's survived! He's functioning without one and now just chats away before falling asleep. I'm thoroughly impressed with the way he has transitioned. I have noticed that even during the day he has been speaking and babbling a lot more without one too. If your looking to get rid of your little ones binky, start small, limit usage then choose which method your going to use. Good luck!