Holiday Feeding Gift Guide

Thursday, November 12, 2015

1. BabyBjörn Soft Bib 2 Pack- Easy to clean, deep spill pocket, adjustable snap, well designed, comfy, dishwasher safe. Find these at Amazon. $15.00 

2. Re-Play 2 Pack No-Spill Cups- Made from recycled milk jugs, truly no spill, dishwasher safe, made in the USA. Find these products at Replay or Amazon. $7.99

3. Avanchy Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl- Spill proof, suction bowl, soft tip silicone spoon. Find these at Amazon. $19.99

4. Onyx Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold- Fast freeze mold, easy to clean, one ice pop can be removed or refilled at a time, comes with 1 stand, 6 molds, 6 lids, 12 removable silicone rings and a set of reusable bamboo sticks. Find these at Amazon. $28.40

5. Innobaby Stainless Bus Divided Platter- Five separate compartments, made of highest food grade stainless steel, BPA/PVC/phthalate and lead free. Find these at Innobaby and Amazon. $17.95

6. Nûby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray- Perfect size for babies small hands, designed to catch drips as the pop melts, great for teething or a treat and BPA free. This set includes 4 handles and a tray. Find these at Amazon. $7.99

7. Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack- Grass holds all your baby accessories as they air dry, water drains into lower tray, easy to clean, and BPA/PVC/Pthalate free. Comes in 3 sizes. Find these at Boon. $17.99/$18.99/$29.99

8. Oogaa Silicone Placemats- Soft safe silicone, no sharp edges, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. Perfect for on the go dining. Find these products at Oogaa. $8.99

9. Oogaa Silicone Mealtime Set- 9 ounce bowl and 2 spoons. Safe for dishwasher, microwave & oven (bowl only), freezer & electric sterilizers. Find these at Oogaa. $16.99

10. Ezpz Happy Mat- placemat plus a plate in one that auctions to the table, dishwasher safe, BPA free. Find these at Ezpz or Amazon. $24.99