5 Secrets to Traveling with Toddlers

Thursday, December 17, 2015

1. Travel Time

Book your travel around your child's most calm time of day. Many people insist booking flights/driving around nap time. Hendrix will gladly not sleep if he's not in his bed/car seat. First flights out (6am/7am) are our favorite. 

Cancellations, delayed flights, and crowded airports are less likely. Once we get to our destination it is still morning time and he can nap in a bed when the time comes. 

2. Games

Though Hendrix only uses the iPad a few times per week, iPad games are necessary! It's the perfect plane treat.
Wifi free iPad games:
Endless 123
Sesame Go- have to be connected to wifi but you when you click on the icon 4 wifi free games appear
Bloom Tunes
Animal Friends
Funny Animals
Endless Reader (a little advanced but fun)

3. Snacks, snacks and more snacks!

I cannot emphasize this enough. Regardless what time of day it is, snacks are your best friend. I'd rather pack our carry on with 2 toys and 10 snacks then opposite. 

Better safe then sorry! I would rather not sit on the Tarmac with a hungry, angry toddler. Snacks doesn't mean crap. Try to pack snacks with the least amount of sugar. Also pack a snack that is a "treat" that they very rarely or haven't had. 

Some snack ideas: Justin's almond butter squeeze pouches, Justin's almond butter/pretzel packs, goldfish, animal crackers, freeze dried fruit, apples, homemade muffins, cheese sticks, raisins, dried cranberries, homemade cookies, etc.

4. Diaper Bag Readiness

There is nothing worse then having to dig around in your diaper bag searching for something while traveling. Packing correctly is very important! TSA will allow you to go thru security with water in a sippy cup, however they need to test it. It isn't too much of an inconvenience, however, being barefoot holding a wiggly toddler and trying to make sure your carry on/stroller/iPad/belt/watch doesn't get left behind isn't ideal. I now pack an empty sippy cup and buy a large bottle of water once we get near our gate.

The one and only bag we carry on is our diaper bag. It's a SkipHop backpack which is very convenient. 

In our diaper bag will be:
*Diapers (8) only a 2 hr flight
*Disposable changing pads- I use dog "training pads" while traveling. His entire body fits on it, don't have to worry about containing any mess, it's entertaining to him and I can roll up the diaper inside and throw it all away. 
*Empty sippy cup (one that has a spout cover... Sanitary reasons)
*2 small brand new toys (dollar store toys wrapped up... unwrapping is a game and it's a new toy)
*A change of clothes for Hendrix
*iPad (fully charged)
*My wallet/lipgloss/hand lotion/hand sanitizer
*Sanitizer wipes- I wipe down seats, arm rests, buttons, trays, etc.
*Baby monitor- I prefer to carry on our baby monitor opposed to checking it.

5. When you get there 

Keep things as routine as possible. This is especially hard when staying at a hotel, with family and around the holidays. Bedtime routine should be as close to your home routine as physically possible. We will continue our 3Bs routine: bath, book, bed. We've been doing that since Hendrix was born except back then there was a 4th B which was bottle. 

When visiting family, of course I let Hendrix stay up past his bedtime which is 630/7pm. However I like him in bed by 8 unless we are out to eat. The closer to routine you can keep toddlers schedules, the less likely you are to have meltdowns.