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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nûby's Sure Grip Miracle Mat Feeding Placemat is shaped to fit most high chairs. Hendrix has graduated to simply using a chair at this point, the refusal of booster seats is real at the moment. The placemat seals to the tabletop making self feeding easier for both parent and child.

This feeding placemat suctions perfectly to our kitchen table. The section plate allows you to keep food separate which is perfect for the pickiest of toddlers who do not like their food touching. Being dishwasher safe is always a necessity now that I work full time. 

Available at Babies R Us

Nûby's Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate is the cutest mat I've seen on the market. It is the face of a bear which always convinces a toddler they need to growl the entire meal. 100% silicone, dishwasher and microwave safe. The super suction base sticks to most flat, smooth surfaces. This mat does not stick to our kitchen table because it is not a smooth surface, though it suctions perfectly to Hendrix's kid size table where he enjoys snacks on a daily basis.

Silicone suction mats have been a game changer in our household. We started using them when Hendrix entered that, "throw every bowl and plate phase". Now that he is a bit older, he knows we do not throw our tableware but that doesn't mean his elbow hasn't knocked over a plate or two lately. Suction mats = no more dropped plates!

Available at Babies R Us

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